Once Upon a time...

It was 1896 when Ol'ga Nikolaevna Bazilevskaja saw completed his country house of Cutigliano. In the second half of the nineteenth century there were many Russian aristocrats who lived in Florence and Station Climatic of Cutigliano lived the beginnings of its tourism.

It was the early years of the twentieth century and beach tourism did not exist as we interpret it today, then you did not need suntan lotion but the parasol umbrellas ...

In the summers of the nineteenth century, Cutigliano was favored by an elite of aristocrats. In its squares, its cafes, its benches have placed the butt celebrities including Marshal Badoglio and the musician Giacomo Puccini.

After the period of "aristocratic" Villa Basilewsky experienced a long period in which the target was to college. At first, in the thirties of the twentieth century, lived the Balilla (the young fasciitis) and so it was up to the Second World War.
During the German occupation, Villa Basilewsky became a command of the Nazis. After the breaking of the Gothic Line was the turn of the Partisans. During the escape, the Germans bombed the Villa and the nearby bridge Sestaione.

After the war and after the necessary renovations, Villa Basilewsky returned to assume the role of hosting the College of Livorno boys first and then a sort of kindergarten until the 80's when for about ten years, the Region of Tuscany rented the villa to the Brigade de fire that used it as a holiday home.

In 2007, after a complete renovation, Villa Basilewsky reopened as a hotel.